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ELLE is not a bar soap kind of workplace; our editors are strictly devoted to body wash because “Bye, ashy!” are the two words no one wants to hear. Yes, a moisturizing body lotion or butter can help thwart seasonal dryness and lizard-like skin, but don’t sleep on the transformative power of body washes. A general rule of thumb when purchasing body wash is to make sure the ingredient list is tailored to your specific skin needs. If you struggle with body acne, try reaching for body washes with gentle exfoliating agents like salicylic acid (CeraVe). Those blessed with skin that can withstand any fragrance would love ELLE favorites like Dove’s Deep Moisture or Glossier’s cult-favorite body oil wash. Regardless of preference, if you peruse an ELLE editor’s bathroom, you’ll find that we all love drenching our skin in nutrient-rich, nourishing formulas that not only hydrate parched skin but leave you smelling like a snack all day long. Plus, these body washes won’t break the bank, so you can always keep your inventory stocked for rainy days. From affordable drugstore gems to luxurious shower oils and scrubs, here are the best body washes, according to our editors.

Best for Body Acne

Body Wash with Salicylic Acid Read More

Best for Deep Moisture

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Read More

Best for Long-Lasting Scent

Natural Body Wash Read More

Best for Everyday Luxury

Melrose Place Body Cleanser Read More

Best for Giving Back

Soapbox Coconut Milk & Sandalwood Deep Moisture Body Wash 16 o Read More

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Best for Body Acne

Body Wash with Salicylic Acid

“As someone who’s obsessed with smelling good, but is cursed with the most sensitive skin that doesn’t always play well with other body washes, CervaVe’s SA Body Wash is the unsung hero I never knew I needed. Whenever breakouts from fragrant body washes appear, CeraVe’s body wash swoops in and reverses the damage quickly, thanks to salicylic acid and ceramides.” Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor

Best for Deep Moisture

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

“No disrespect to bougie beauty brands, but I’m a Dove Deep Moisture girl through and through. Extra-creamy, deeply moisturizing, and under 10 bucks, it’s the only body wash I want and need.” —Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

Best for Long-Lasting Scent

Natural Body Wash

“I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging in my shower, but this body wash goes way beyond looking cute. It moisturizes my bone-dry body, and the gorgeous scent actually lingers on my body, instead of washing down the drain.” Tatjana Freund, Beauty Writer

Best for Everyday Luxury

Melrose Place Body Cleanser

“I classify this body wash as my ‘everyday luxury’ cleanser. Every time I reach for this, it’s almost as if I threw myself into a bed of roses; The scent isn’t too strong but lasts even longer when you pair it with the accompanying body cream.” —NP

Best for Giving Back

Soapbox Coconut Milk & Sandalwood Deep Moisture Body Wash 16 o

“This body wash leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and soft. However, the best part is for every product purchased they donate one bar of soap to someone in need (and there’s a code on the back so you see directly what project your purchase benefited). Staying clean and giving back? It’s really a win-win for me.” Danielle James, Beauty Director

The Body Wash – With Niacinamide

“Nécessaire is on my Mount Rushmore of body washes because it’s free of all the harsh chemicals that strip the skin. The eucalyptus scent smells like a luxe spa and makes me feel sophisticated as I’m lathering.” —NP

Best for Firming

Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel

Sol de Janeiro

“Let talk lather, y’all. I’m all about hydration and moisture and this is one of the few body washes on the market that I’ve found leave my skin feeling nourished and healthy. I use the Brazilian booty cream (lol) to firm and tone and this body wash has the same tightening effect. Summer is coming, and I’m ready thanks to my body wash.” —Chloe Hall, Beauty Director

Best Oil Wash

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

“Since body wash spends the least amount of time on my body, I never gave it much thought. I used to the be type that reached for just OK drugstore brands or got sudsy with tiny hotel soaps I stole en masse. When I met Body Hero, my life changed—it makes a five-minute shower luxurious. I’ll never go back to creamy washes either because I realized oil formulas are necessary for my reptilian skin. My only gripe is that it isn’t sulfate-free, so consider this my public plea to Emily Weiss.” —Justine Carreon, Senior Market Editor

Best Splurge

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub

“I’m normally of the ‘use whatever body wash is cheap and doesn’t smell like Bath & Body Works’ school of bathing, but ever since my friend got me Aesop Redemption Body Scrub for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed. It exfoliates without being irritating and smells like a crisp winter morning in Maine. Sadly, I will never be able to afford a replacement bottle.” —Jessica Roy, Digital Director

Best Multi-Use

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap Value Pack

Dr. Bronner

Now 22% off

“I love a soap that can be used for multiple purposes (less products = less plastic!), and the lavender scent on this one always leaves me feeling relaxed.” —Madison Feller, Senior Writer/Editor

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