14 CC Creams for a Clear & Bright Complexion

What is CC cream?

Unlike foundation, CC creams tend to be more weightless and lighter on the skin. “It is basically the same thing as a skin tinting foundation—very light, easy to apply, great for people that don’t like to feel like they have a lot of makeup on their skin,” celebrity makeup artist Hailey Hoff, who counts Tinx and Charlie D’amelio as clients, tells ELLE.com.

How does CC cream differ from BB cream? Who should use CC cream?

“BB cream is a blemish control foundation whereas CC cream is a color correcting foundation. BB cream is a little bit lighter than CC cream is but both are pretty natural looking on the skin,” she adds. CC cream is better suited for mature skin but works for everyone, young and old.

Stern further explains that traditional foundation offers full coverage, whereas BB and CC creams tend to be sheer in their coverage. In addition to offering beneficial ingredients and a sheer, natural-looking tint, many CC creams are also formulated with broad-spectrum sunscreen, which can essentially help you eliminate another step in your routine. CC creams combine a bunch of skin-boosting goodness into one lightweight and easy-to-use formula, which is what makes them “great for anyone who is looking for more out of their coverage,” Stern says.

What is the best way to apply CC cream?

You can apply CC creams with your fingers, but for a mess-free application, Hoff advises using a makeup sponge. “I apply a small amount of CC cream on the back of my hand and lightly dab my beauty blender into the product then apply it to my skin,” she says.

What should you look for in a CC cream?

“You should look for SPF and the kind of coverage. CC creams, regardless of how light they are, usually have different consistencies and textures, so look for if it’s an illuminating one or a matte one.”

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