16 Volumizing Shampoos Celebrity Hair Stylists and Amazon Obsessives Swear By

Much like the past few years in lockdown, our hair has been looking a little lifeless. Quarantine style forced us to rely heavily on messy buns and scrunchies, protective styles, or even cutting our own bangs (though we strongly advise against it). But sometimes you need a good hair day for snapping selfies and Zoom calls. Plus, with the world slowly opening back up, the last thing you want your friends and colleagues to see is dull, limp hair. We’ve been put through the wringer in quarantine, but your hair doesn’t need to be a reflection of that.

Enter: a gravity-defying volumizing shampoo. Who needs an extra lift? According to celebrity hairstylist and Mark Ryan Salon co-founder Ryan Trygstad, this product is great for all hair types. “Volumizing shampoo helps cleanse to eliminate product build-up, natural oils, and impurities that may be weighing the hair down, ultimately causing a lack of volume or buildup on the hair,” Trygstad explains. You can “absolutely” use a volumizing shampoo if you have thick hair, but “you will see more of a result on hair that errs on the limp or naturally thin side.”

If the experts’ opinions haven’t swayed you, maybe a few star reviews from Amazon beauty obsessives will do the trick. From salon-grade recommendations from the hair pros to affordable options that deliver salon-grade results, you’re one scroll away from the thick, bouncy hair of your dreams. Ahead, Trygstad and celeb stylists Chase Kusero, Yene Damtew, and Melissa Parizoot share their volumizing shampoo picks.

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