25 Best Sea Salt Sprays for Beach Babe Hair

What is a salt spray?

“Salt spray is a product that builds texture mimicking the feel of hair after being in the ocean,” says McCarthy. “It creates roughness, separation, and a matte finish.” For thinner textures, salt sprays can also help add density. “It adds thickness and plumps the shafts of hair,” says Federico.

How can someone use a salt spray to create more texture?

Even people with stick-straight hair can create additional texture with a salt spray. “Using salt spray to add more texture is a very easy thing to do,” says Federico. “When the hair is damp, mist the product, roots through ends, and blow-dry as usual. Continually add the salt spray as you feel needed while drying or at the end of blow-drying for added texture and grit.”

How can someone use a salt spray to create more volume?

Focus your spritzes at the root if your goal is tons of bounce and volume. “It can be used at the root to create more volume, at the mid-shaft and ends to create piece-ness or from root to ends to create all of the above,” says McCarthy.

Can all hair textures use salt sprays?

Yes, but the technique you use might change a bit depending on your hair type and texture. “All textures can use salt spray, but I wouldn’t recommend it across the board,” says McCarthy. “For extremely fine hair, it can create too much separation and I would hesitate to use it in coily hair because it already had so much texture and tends to naturally need moisture.”

If you’re unsure if a salt spray is a good choice for you, “A good rule of thumb is the healthier and shinier the hair, the more liberal one can be with [salt sprays] and the finer, more textured or more damaged the more discretion one should use,” says McCarthy.

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