40 Diet And Fitness Tips Kate Middleton Swears By To Stay Healthy

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Kate Middleton has been living in the public eye for more than a decade and the whole time she’s just been so…consistent. Her hair always looks amazing, her style is on point, and, of course, she looks super fit. While Kate doesn’t talk a lot about what she does in the food and exercise department, several insiders have shared that she works hard to be healthy. Here are the Duchess of Cambridge’s top health tips, so you can steal them for yourself.

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1 Try to cook regularly.

Kate makes most of the meals for Prince William and the kids herself, British chef Carolyn Robb, who worked at Kensington Palace for more than two decades, told Racked. “Kate does quite a lot of the cooking,” she said.

2 Go for a smoothie first thing.

For breakfast, Kate likes to make a smoothie with spirulina, kale, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro and blueberries, according to the Daily Mail.

3 Have healthy competition.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate is competitive with her sister, Pippa. “Kate is an exercise junkie. Pippa and Kate take their toned physiques extremely seriously,” a source told the newspaper.

4 Get into planking.

Kate is big into doing planks. “It tightens her muscles,” a source told the Daily Mail.

5 Mix up your planks.

Kate actually does three different planks, a source told the Daily Mail. “There are three elements, the basic plank, the side plank and the prone sky dive.”

6 Push yourself.

Kate doesn’t just do a few planks and call it a day—she goes hard. A source told the Daily Mail that she can hold a plank “for 45 seconds or longer” and she repeats them “at least ten times each.”

7 Give CrossFit a try.

Kate is apparently big into CrossFit, per the Daily Mail, which focuses on a combination of resistance training, weights, running, and squats.

8 Set aside some solid time for exercise.

Kate works out every morning for an hour, the Daily Mail says.

9 Use your body weight.

Kate has all kinds of equipment available to her, but she’s big into bodyweight exercises, the Daily Mail says.

10 Work out like a kid.

Kate is known to do skipping as part of her workout, according to the Daily Mail.

11 Try out rowing.

Kate likes to put in some time on the indoor rowing machine during her regular workouts, according to the Daily Mail.

12 Do intervals.

Interval training is a great way to work different muscle groups in one workout, and Kate is all in with it. The Daily Mail says she does “intense” interval training.

13 Mix up your diet when you’re pregnant.

Kate struggled with extreme morning sickness during all of her pregnancies, and she ate a plant-based diet of avocados, berries, and oatmeal to help with nausea, Cooking Light reports.

14 Use an exercise ball.

Kate whips out a Swiss gym ball to work her abs, the Daily Mail says. “George is highly amused whenever he sees [his mother on it],” a source told the newspaper.

15 Go for fresh fish.

Kate likes to regularly have ceviche, a blend of raw fish marinated in fresh citrus and spices, the Daily Mail says.

16 Get a workout buddy.

Kate and her sister Pippa regularly work out together. “They worked hard in the gym at Kensington Palace,” a source told the Daily Mail.

17 Don’t forget to warm up.

Kate makes sure to do cardio warm-ups before she dives into her workout, a source told the Daily Mail.

18 Work your hips.

It’s easy to forget your hips when you’re working out at the gym, but Kate incorporates hip raises to target the area, a source told the Daily Mail.

19 Do a few different lunges.

Kate doesn’t just do basic lunges: She adds diagonal and reverse lunges to her workout mix, the Daily Mail says.

20 Don’t skip the crunches.

Kate doesn’t have a flat stomach by accident: She likes to do stomach crunches, per the Daily Mail.

21 Focus on your legs.

While Kate does plenty of cardio to work her legs, the Daily Mail says she also does squats and calf raises to strengthen her lower body.

22 Try inversions.

Kate is a big fan of bridges (where you balance your body on your hands and feet), the Daily Mail says.

23 Don’t forget about the classics.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate does good, old-fashioned push-ups as part of her workouts.

24 Hit the slopes.

Kate loves skiing, and is apparently even better at the sport than William, who has been skiing since he was little, the Daily Mail says.

25 Go swimming.

Apparently Kate loves swimming at her family’s pool at their country home, Anmer Hall. “She and Pippa enjoy strenuous make-up-free aqua aerobic sessions and larky water polo with William and Harry,” a source told the Daily Mail.

26 Go for a run.

Kate runs as often as she can, the Daily Mail says—and sometimes she’ll take her dog Lupo along with her.

27 Get into yoga.

Kate uses yoga to calm her mind and stretch out. Oh, and she “adores” it, according to a Daily Mail source. Apparently Kate is big on seated poses (known as asanas).

28 Keep your posture in mind.

Kate likes to do Pilates, a source told the Daily Mail, “which has helped her posture since having children.”

29 Match sweets cravings with healthy stuff.

When Kate wants something sweet, she mixes up berries with almond milk. “Her organic diet is rich in antioxidants and she adores salads and bowls of seasonal fruits,” a source told the Daily Mail.

30 Take it easy with booze.

Kate likes wine, but doesn’t go overboard. “A 6 p.m. glass of brutally chilled Chardonnay is sufficient,” a source told the Daily Mail.

31 Load up on raw foods.

Kate enjoys noshing on things like watermelon salads, gazpacho, goji berries, tabbouleh, and ceviche, the Daily Mail says. “Kate already has the perfect figure but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin,” a source told the paper.

32 Have a go-to dish.

Kate loves to make roast chicken. “In the evenings she indulges her hobby of cooking William’s favorite supper, roast chicken,” royal expert Katie Nicholl wrote in Vanity Fair. “That’s their idea of the perfect night,” a source told Nicholl.

33 Spice up your food.

During a 2016 tour of Canada, Kate shared that she likes spicy foods, and really likes cooking curries, per the Mirror. (BTW: William shared at the same time that he can’t handle too much heat in his food.)

34 DIY your own condiments.

Kate makes her own chutney, a spicy condiment that originated in India—and she’s made it for the queen. “I was thinking, ‘Gosh, what should I give her?'” she recalled in the ITV documentary, Our Queen At Ninety. “I thought, ‘I’ll make her something.’ Which could have gone horribly wrong. But I decided to make my granny’s recipe of chutney.”

35 Consider the Dukan diet.

Kate is reportedly really into the diet, which limits carbs and focuses on lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats and oils.

36 Rethink dairy.

37 Get outside.

From running, to swimming, to tennis, to walking the dog, Kate likes to take her fitness outside when she can.

38 Get into tennis.

Kate likes the sport so much that she has a tennis coach, Vanity Fair says. She also likes to play with her sister, Pippa.

39 Go for regular walks.

Kate likes to take her dog Lupo on walks three times a day when she’s able, according to Vanity Fair.

40 Lift weights.

Kate is big into doing weight-based exercises, according to U.K. paper Express.

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