Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring 2023

Sarah Burton looked to the skies and to constellations, choosing phrases such as “science and structure” and “supernature, the cosmos and the night” to describe her latest men’s outing.

It may sound woo-woo, but Burton certainly delivered a heavenly lineup. There was a sense of calm in these pieces, with tailoring less strict than in past collections.

Suits were soft and romantic, with silver sequin and crystal astral embroidery shooting across lapels, or the backs of long black coats. Other jackets came with leather harnesses that were studded with chunky crystals.

Some of the sparkly embroideries resembled starbursts or even military medals, while jackets wrapped gently around the body, with one lapel “hidden” inside the other.

Burton offset all the black and sparkle with soft pinks and blues, and gentle brush stroke patterns on trenches and suits. Even sneakers were dipped in the pastel, powdery shades.

These were clothes for young Hollywood, and shining stars like Timothée Chalamet.

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