Ashley Graham’s Thong Sandals With Irregular Heels Are ‘Bringing Out the Fabulous’

Ashley Graham did it again, delivering another chic white ensemble on Instagram.

The modeled looked comfortable, “bringing out the fabulous,” as she noted in a photo shared on Monday. She’s seen in a white ribbed cropped tank, with a similar halter lining that matched well with her white pants that were cinched around the waist. With black contrasting lining across the fabric, the pants had the ability to function as sweatpants or casual trousers.

Graham accessorized with a medium-sized cubic link, an emerald pendant at the center, black ovular sunglasses and sculpted gold earrings. As her attire is fully white, she contrasted the sleekness with a bit of color to bring the outfit to life.

Tucked in her hand, she showcased a gorgeous multi-colored Fendi purse. With a small strap for holding, the purse had a buckle outlined as the logo of Fendi, with pink, burgundy, and yellow stripes across the bag.

Graham had a cohesion of color, matching her sunglasses with black mule thong sandals. These square-toe sandals have a plump leather strap for support with a curved heel. The leather sandals tie in beautifully. The shape of the ankle strap is so peculiar, showing itself to be different from other thong sandals.

This striking sandal has sophistication, the rounded heel making this shoe irregular to the eye. The shoes have the ability to be dressed up or down, as they worked well in this casual ensemble but can be shown off in eveningwear as well.

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