Bluemarble Men’s Spring 2023

After a busy year that included a spot in the LVMH Prize semifinals and a nomination for the upcoming ANDAM’s Pierre Bergé prize, Bluemarble’s designer Anthony Alvarez was well ready to embark on another journey, or rather, a trip.

The spring’s destination? The 1967 Monterey music festival, a seminal moment of hippie culture that resonated as the epitome of youth for decades and which he loves for “the naivety, the joy, the optimism and the colors” it exudes.

He kept those references light, working them deftly as touches onto the trappings of his late ’90s, early 2000s youth, using handcraft to turn a casual wardrobe riffing off the wide and loose uniform of the skater into more sophisticated fare.

By contrast, the seriousness of tailoring was taken down a peg by making smart blazers look and feel as light as shirts — to be worn over bedazzled T-shirts, of course.

“It’s this idea of mixing two worlds that are not meant to be together that we tried to explore,” Alvarez said backstage.

Blending utility with adornment turned out to be winning combination, resulting in frayed skater shorts trimmed with sequins, swirling sun embroideries dressing the sleeves of workwear jackets or airbrushed graphics evocative of graffiti reworked with rhinestones.

The impression left by this breezy and youthful lineup was that Bluemarble kids will be alright, no matter where — or when — they go.

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