Burberry Resort 2023

Riccardo Tisci tapped the artist Jared Buckhiester to consult on the second edition of The Friends and Family series. The collection had an edgy, ’80s biker vibe and was heavy on black leather, tough boots and utilitarian silhouettes.

Tisci introduced the Friends and Family series last year, working with creatives from various disciplines on his pre-collections.

He’s described the series as being “a celebration of identity, style and family, and an opportunity for someone special to me, and who inspires me endlessly, to bring their own unique style and perspective to the world of Burberry.”

Tisci said he and Buckhiester have been friends for ages, and he admires the artist’s commitment to “living fiercely by his identity, and being true to himself.”

Burberry Resort 2023

A look from Burberry’s resort 2023 collection, where Riccardo Tisci collaborated with Jared Buckhiester. Courtesy of Burberry/Jared Buckhiester

Buckhiester certainly put in the hours, styling the men’s and women’s collections, photographing the look book, and infusing the collection with his creative ideas.

“Riccardo and I have a crossover in our love of workwear aesthetics. So much of my work as an artist draws upon the masculine archetype that inhabits these clothes. Immediately, I was interested in playing within this space, and it’s been a fruitful place to create from,” Buckhiester said.

The collection’s tough, black leather pieces — including a sleeveless dress with shiny silver buttons; a bathrobe trench with shearling edges, and an ankle-length, bib-front skirt-cum-overall — were offset by pops of bright color and pattern: orange for a workwear jacket, and red for a gigantic scarf with a pixelated Burberry check.

Yet it was the soft-edged, low-key bits of the collection that were the winners here.

They included an oversize gray cardigan with bejeweled flower sprigs; a beautiful eau de nil bomber jacket, and a trench with a faded equestrian knight motif, one of the brand’s earliest logos that never seems to go out of style.

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