Chloe Cherry’s Slick Platform Boots and Baby Tee Continue the Y2K Trend

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The breakout star from season two of ‘Euphoria’ served a Y2K look right from the grocery aisle. In a cropped top, a hand knitted patchwork mini skirt, and finished it off with a flattering pair of black platform boots that pay homage to the Y2K trend. The Y2K movement has been in style for a while now, and as much as other trends have made their impact— perfecting the 90s to 2000s style to a T.

Chloe Cherry epitomizes the Y2K style of glittery lipgloss and printed mini-skirt constantly, as shown in this photo she took to Instagram. Specifically, she wore a blue graphic cropped tee that said, “I miss my ex,” with golden stars around it. The top is from Nii HAi, a brand known for its iconic graphic tees. For the bottoms, she wore a multi-colored handknitted patchwork mini-skirt. It featured multiple stripes and butterflies from a local artist named Maytal.

Together, the top and bottom exemplified the Y2k trends of mini-skirts and cropped graphic tees, known infamously from celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Cherry emphasized this trend as well with the butterfly clips in her short blonde hair, which pulled the look together in a flirty and fun way. She also wore a freshwater pearl bracelet, which added contrast to her very colorful shades.

Cherry wore knee-high platform boots which have become such a staple in recreating any 90s to 2000s look as they bring an edge. They’re able to work with a pair of mom jeans or a mini-skirt as Cherry has shown. Many brands have become even more popular for their inventory of platform boots which include UNIF, Steve Madden, and Bongo. In this outfit, the blackness of the boot worked well with the many colors of her skirt, meshing well with such a colorful outfit.

As Cherry made her way to the big screen, a repertoire of authentic outfits will definitely be coming as Cherry’s current wardrobe is evidence that the 90s to 2000s style will be here to stay. Black platform boots are quintessential for any major look.

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