Crocs Bluetooth Speakers Sells Out in 48 Hours After Going Viral

Thanks to a new viral Jibbitz, now you can take your curated playlist on a walk with your favorite pair of Crocs.

A short video posted by user @thetuffgym on Instagram this Monday went viral because of a mini Bluetooth speaker attached to his clogs. The video, which shows him lounging in the middle of a street while blasting to music, has already garnered 102,273 likes and over 2 million views.

The speaker Jibbitz hails from a company based in California called FlexinMyComplxn and comes in a variety of colors from red to gold. The musical Jibbitz titled the “Mini Slaps” retails for $15 and, as of now, is sold out on the company’s website. The speakers sold out in 48 hours after going viral.

Jibbitz are charms developed by Crocs that depict images, letters, sayings, characters and bits of pop culture that can be mounted on a post to pop into the holes of Crocs. There are 13 holes on each pair of classic Crocs, you can sport up to 26 at a time. Besides the mini speaker, @thetuffgym also customized his Crocs with Jibbitz that spelled out his username on each toe.

Crocs is having a big moment in fashion as of late. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Balenciaga, SZA, Christian Cowan, MCM, Hello Kitty and even Pokemon, the controversial shoe has been embraced by top stars like Simone Biles, Madonna and Bella Hadid, among others.

The rise in popularity is likely due in part to the shoes’ undeniable comfort. Crocs had a surge in interest in 2020 during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with people adopting the shoe into their day-to-day.

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