DJ Clark Kent and Serato Tap Adidas to Make a Luxury Sneaker for DJs

Audio software company Serato and Adidas — with design help from sneaker and hip-hop icon DJ Clark Kent — have created a sneaker with DJs in mind.

The look, which Serato said is more than three years in the making, is a luxury take on the classic Adidas Forum High. The shoes are equipped with mixed-material uppers dressed in black, which Serato said was meant to handle the dirt and stains of club life, that sit atop white midsoles and gum outsoles. Also, the right shoe features white and blue medial Three Stripes branding, while the left features white and red.

To make the shoe even more Serato-specific, it features vinyl pressing detailing on the outsoles and both the company’s original Scratch Live logo and the current DJ Pro logo, with the former used throughout the right shoe and the latter utilized on the left.

“DJs run the party. Let the DJ feel good about their look. Inspire them to play as well as they look,” DJ Clark Kent said in a statement. 

Additionally, the sneakers are packaged with exclusive Serato x Adidas control vinyl, which paired with the software allows the DJ to assign a digital song to the record that’s on one of their two turntables. The black vinyl features white Three Stripes branding.

“Serato’s 20-year life has been a blur of club bangers, chill radio waves and unbound creative genius from everyone who took to the decks with us. And all that’s just the beginning. This collab is a chance to thank the people who have made this life so far the sickest blessing any community could ask for,” Serato chief marketing officer Scotty Hoogerbrug said in a statement.

But if you’re looking to secure a pair, it won’t be easy. The sneakers were sent to a small selection of Serato Tier 1 DJs and do not have a scheduled retail release date.

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