Et Ochs Resort 2023

Inspirations can come from interesting places and for resort Michelle Ochs looked toward a cartoon classic from the ’90s:  “Rugrats.” “I distinctly remember how boldly outlined they were,” she said, adding she has been rewatching the show with her kids. It injected a playful sensibility into her work. “I wanted do something optimistic and introduce color.”

The look: A modern take on the power of dress, with fresh takes on cutouts, knits and leather held together with sporty details.

Quote of note: “We couldn’t keep the gowns in stock,” she said of her last season, adding buyers came back for another round of pieces to fill their customers’ appetite for her take on standout event dressing.

Key pieces: 3D elements with subtle padding in places, a light chain mesh party dress, sporty chording details in knits, razor-cut pants with slits up the leg, chocolate leather suit with cutouts at the knee, both played to her sensual side. Cutouts are a staple and best here on a mix of bold dresses, tops and dresses employing wire details in corsets, which make the garment malleable, changing its proportion.

Takeaway: A year in, Michelle Ochs is firmly in the sensual side of things, but done in a way that makes a woman feel powerful without ever being overly gauche. “I’ve always felt, looking back at my history, I was always against the grain trying to educate on body con and showing skin, and I feel like now we are finally going in the same direction,” she said. Ochs now continues to  explore as a designer for a customer she knows is there.

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