Eva Longoria Flatters Her Feet in Thong Sandals With Breezy Distressed Dress

Eva Longoria made relaxation look chic on Wednesday in an Instagram photo.  Longoria posed wearing a very flowy dress, the caption reading, “The world has been heavy lately. Remember to have grace for yourself.”

Longoria had on a white and black dress with distressed edges. The “Dog Days” actress’s dress was a maxi length with midi sleeves that ballooned out slightly, giving the top of the dress extra volume. Black dots and stripes in rows of four cascaded down the white, breezy fabric, coming to a point at the waistline before cascading out again to line the sides and front of the billowing skirt.

The skirt is more sheer as it reaches the bottom hem, equipped with a side slit that allows the actress’s leg to pop out. Black lines travel along the rough hem, dots following in their wake. Longoria wore minimal jewelry and makeup, and kept her hair down and parted in the middle, letting her curly brown hair fall down to her shoulders.

An easy going dress calls for some easy going shoes. Longoria slipped on tan thong sandals with flat soles and rounded toes. The simple sandals have a thong back and straps securing them to Longoria’s ankles. Silver clasps connect the straps, setting them in place atop Longoria’s feet.

The style is extremely flattering, creating shape while drawing the eyes naturally to the mundane but very shiny details like the silver hardware.

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