Fursac Men’s Spring 2023

A year-and-some into his tenure at accessible luxury menswear label Fursac, creative director Gauthier Borsarello was inspired by France.

The designer imagined a newly moneyed man living the high life at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, parlaying his extensive knowledge of 20th-century menswear to spin the brand’s core of Monday-to-Friday suiting into an offering that covered downtimes, too.

He achieved this by balancing conservative cuts and palette with the brand’s first sneaker, an F subtly worked into the design; or adding edgier touches like a glossy printed-crocodile jacket. He expressed the flashier side of his inspiration through summer-weight wools, cashmere blends or mixes with a touch of silk.

For leisure — on a yacht, natch — he imagined a Gallic version of the American army’s Mitchell camouflage, replacing the maple leaf with an oak one, nodding to the tree’s ubiquity in France; terry-cloth separates; collarless blousons and striped blazers decorated with embroidered badges for the fictional “Club du Pont-Neuf” nautical club; or hand-painted Breton stripes, printed on tops.

Call it an aspirational wardrobe in the best sense.

His desire to “dress real people” led to another development: extending the sizing range up to the French equivalent of double XL, reworked to consider bigger but also taller silhouettes. The move will no doubt boost sales for the SCMP-owned brand, which as started to expand in Europe.

Heavily impacted by two years of pandemic-driven remote working, its openings in the U.K., Belgium and Switzerland are set to boost sales back to 2019’s levels, according to chief executive officer Elina Kousourna. Spain and Germany will be its next steps, she said.

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