Here’s What ELLE Editors Are Gifting Their Moms This Mother’s Day

a selection of mother's day gift items


The act of giving a gift is a rewarding one. The act of shopping for said gift, on the other hand, can be a little stressful, especially when the recipient is someone as dear to you as your mom. What do you get for the person who has given you so much? Whether it’s your mother or an otherwise maternal figure—maybe it’s an aunt, a neighbor, a mentor—if there’s a woman in your life who has served as a guiding force, this May 8 is the day to celebrate her. Kind words and acts of service are always appreciated, obviously, but who doesn’t love a present? Everyone likes to be surprised with a little special something every now and then, and what better day of the year to share a token of your appreciation? On Mother’s Day, “I got it from my mama” turns into “I got it for my mama,” and we at ELLE are sharing our personal gifting selections. Ahead, find some of our top picks.

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Skylight Litter Box
Cat Person

“This is a little bit of an odd choice, but I know what my mom would want most of all is to keep her home beautiful, and unfortunately, most litter boxes don’t add much to the décor. This collab with Jason Wu means you don’t need to stuff your pet supplies into a closet when you have guests over, and I know my mom would appreciate the beautiful design.”—Tatjana Freund, Beauty Commerce Writer

Small Round
Venus Et Fleur

“No expense should be spared for mom, but considering this arrangement lasts a whole year, it basically pays for itself in cost-per-ogle. The spare hat box is an added bonus.”—Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

Shrimp Scarf
Emily Sundberg

“This Mother’s Day, I’ll be buying my mom this fancy shrimp scarf made by my friend Emily Sundberg. Nothing is more versatile, sartorially speaking, than a scarf, particularly one with my mom’s favorite crustacean hand-painted on it.”—Jessica Roy, Digital Director

Everyday Photo Book
Artifact Uprising

“I first fell in love with Artifact Uprising photo books when my husband and I put one together with our wedding photos. I’ve since realized that these books work well as gifts beyond once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Aesthetic enough to display on a coffee table, but sturdy enough to last decades, these photo books are the ideal gift for a mom who cherishes family memories but prefers a non-digital way to revisit them.”—Lauren Puckett-Pope, Associate Editor

Frida Whipstitch Short Pajamas

“If your mom doesn’t have a pair of luxe, light-as-air, super-soft PJs for summer, don’t hesitate to buy her a tried-and-true matching set from Eberjay. (Although it would be nice if they were available in a wider range of sizes!) It’s the perfect gift: something she might not otherwise buy herself, but will love receiving from you—because that’s what Mother’s Day is all about.”—Katherine Krueger, Features Editor

Elizabeth Bag
Brandon Blackwood

“My mother’s main desire when it comes to gifts is that they fall into one of two categories: shoes or handbags. Her shoe collection has reached its limit, therefore I’ve been eyeing a couple of bags to add to her already extensive collection. Brandon Blackwood handbags have been a longtime favorite of mine, not just because he’s a Jamaican like my mother and me, but also because his bags come in unusual designs, colors, and finishes that make everyone feel like the MAIN CHARACTER.”—Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor

Champagne Flute 14k Gold Charm

“Of all the ‘90s and 2000s trends having a renaissance right now, I’m most excited about charm-laden bracelets and necklaces. (Remember the Juicy Couture charm bracelets? My junior high self is squealing.) New York City-based Charmco is run by a mother-daughter duo—appropriate for the holiday—and specializes in luxe charms, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. I think my mom would love this champagne flute charm as a nod to her favorite libation: an ice-cold glass of Prosecco. Cheers to you, mom.”—Meg Donohue, Associate Fashion Commerce Editor

Jessica Hans Vase
Jessica Hans

“My mother always reminds me that ‘flowers attract positive energy,’ and so she never fails to have a beautiful bouquet displayed in our home. I’m hoping this vase will be the perfect chic vessel for her favorite pink lilies.”—Leah Romero, Senior Digital Designer

Earl Grey Bitters Signature Candle

“Admittedly, when it comes to Mother’s Day, I’m all about an elevated classic: candles, flowers, some sort of chocolate. This year, I’m gifting this Apotheke candle (who’s surprised?) that smells like a warm, creamy cup of earl grey tea and comes in a chic, all-white canister that I know my mom will love to place in her bathroom. (Though if you’re interested in something more vanilla-forward, I would also recommend this limited-edition candle from The New Savant.)”—Madison Feller, Senior Writer/Editor

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

Now 33% off

“My mother is not a snob, but she is a chef, and therefore she refuses to cook with anything other than fresh herbs. I bought her this brilliant device a few years ago for Mother’s Day, and she not only uses it every week to gather ingredients, but my dad has—I’m not exaggerating—bought two more, for himself. That’s how addicted my parents have become to their little tech-y herb garden. Fresh basil for days.”—Lauren Puckett-Pope, Associate Editor

Logo Stretch Jersey Leggings
Michael Kors

“If a lady in your life is a new mama to a little girl who loves being matchy-matchy, gift them pieces from Michael Kors’s new, first-ever kid’s line, a collaboration with the French luxury group Children Worldwide Fashion. The capsule collection features sporty faves like sleeveless jersey dresses, floral skirts, and activewear perfect for a kid (and their mom!) on the move.”—Katherine Krueger, Features Editor

Body Harmony: Nourishing, Plant-Based Recipes for Intuitive Eating

“I girl-crushed hard on Nicole the moment I met her; not only is she also half Asian and Jewish, but she used to work at ELLE. Her new cookbook is full of insanely delicious recipes that you wouldn’t know were vegan and incorporate her mixed heritage. I simply have to get it for my Korean mom.”—Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

Gae Nera Pizzo

“If your mom loves a stylish shoe but can’t be bothered to fuss with a heel, these flats are handcrafted in Italy. Pure luxury!”—Meg Donohue, Associate Fashion Commerce Editor

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