Irenisa Men’s Fall 2022

Opting for a digital presentation of their latest collection, Yu Kobayashi and Yuji Abe laid a long red carpet across a grassy hilltop. This unconventional runway complemented the clothes, which were turned out in earthy, neutral shades and accents of vermillion.

The designers mixed softly tailored suits with more casual outerwear with subtle outdoor influences. Rather than their traditional use as coat closures, toggles were employed as accents on pullovers and quilted jackets, and moto jackets took on a softer look in pale gray wool instead of black leather.

To close out the show, Kobayashi and Abe showed a series of bright red button-down shirts worn under black or deep olive green suits, or long gray coats and vests. The eye-catching hue contrasted with the neutral tones to create a modern, cosmopolitan vibe.

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