Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Takes Flight in Little Black Cheetah Dress & Hidden Heels on Helicopter

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez takes flight in a black mini dress, snapping the photo for Instagram today.

When Sanchez isn’t posting her workout routine, attending events, or performing important charity events, the media personality can be seen showing off her chic style.

Sanchez can be seen in the image with a gray headset on with a microphone, sitting in the cockpit of a helicopter. Sanchez earned her wings, posing with shady sunglasses, staring directly back at the camera through her tinted lenses. The caption of the post reads, “Who says you can’t fly in a dress…🚁”. Sanchez wore a black dress with a sweetheart neckline for her ride above the clouds.

At first glance, the dress seems pretty standard, but it’s elevated with a shiny cheetah print on a matte black fabric. The bodice of the dress is structured much like a corset, giving shape to the otherwise traditional silhouette. With a silver ring on and a dainty silver eye necklace secured, the star was ready for take-off, serving looks even while up in the sky.

Sanchez’s shoes are kept out of the picture. Leaving the footwear to her fan’s imagination, it’s not too hard to assume what the star would have worn, given her style history of sleek pumps, sneakers and sandals. The star could have popped on white slip-on sneakers, keeping things casual and comfortable for her ride.

As a red carpet fixture, Sanchez is a big fan of heels. The journalist often opts for a classic pump that matches the hues in her outfit. A staple black heel could elevate this outfit, or a pop of color could bring brightness. The shoes are a mystery, but this look doesn’t suffer from their absence.

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