Marion Cotillard Wears Micro Shorts, Tights & Heels at Chanel’s Haute Couture Show in Paris

Marion Cotillard attended the 2022 Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris on Tuesday wearing a quintessential Chanel look.

Marion Cotillard Seen Leaving Chanel Show During Haute Couture Week Autumn Winter 2022/2023 In Paris.

Marion Cotillard Seen Leaving Chanel Show During Haute Couture Week Autumn Winter 2022/2023 In Paris.

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The French actress and producer arrived at the couture show with a whirlwind of other famous guests. The show featured 45 different looks ranging from sparkling tweed sets, to bright evening gowns fitted with massive pockets.

Cotillard, a Chanel ambassador, wore black short shorts secured in place with a black and gold Chanel belt. The bottoms were layered over sheer black tights, the styling and fit a staple of Chanel’s brand. The French native donned a pastel striped button up with long sleeves. The billowy striped shirt was tucked into the mini shorts and was decorated with pastel embroidered Chanel logos, the motifs scattered across the fabric.

Cotillard’s button-up had a stark white collar and sleeves, which were cuffed. Below the clean white color was a strip of black fabric that almost mimicked a bib dotted with pastel flowers. The floral arrangement seemed to burst from the star’s chest, spilling out onto the striped button-up fabric.

The actress wore simple gold rings and rounded black sunglasses, completing the look with a bold rosy lip and coral nails.

Finishing out the look strong, Cotillard wore black rounded toe pumps with gold accents placed neatly on the tops of each shoe. The staple shoe and gold accents mirrors the gold accessories and micro shorts Cotillard wore. It’s a simple and easy way to tie the ensemble together. Bringing the best and most simple aspects of the outfit out, while letting the bold prints and textures speak for themselves.

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