Natalia Bryant Gets Breezy in All-White Outfit With a Pedicure That Pops Visiting Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Place

Natalia Bryant kicked back and relaxed with her mother Vanessa and her sibling amid the summer sun in Italy.

In a photo shared with her fans on Instagram yesterday, the daughter of late Kobe Bryant sitting back on a large blue sofa with the clear ocean and mountains as her background. Bryant wore breezy white linen pants with an oversized fit. The legs of the pants ballooned out and tapered at the bottom to a close. Natalia’s mother Vanessa noted that the location was Kobe’s favorite place.

Bryant coordinated with a casual white tank that had thin spaghetti straps. The star accessorized with layered gold pendant necklaces, a few small rings and black bracelet. The model also painted her toes white to match her all-white outfit. Bryant popped on black shades and put a blue clip in her hair to hold her bangs back as posed for the scenic photo of her dad’s favorite place.

While Bryant didn’t wear any shoes for the candid shot, the model could have worn a plethora of different things. Since her outfit is on the more neutral side, anything is possible as far as footwear goes. The model could have opted for a colorful sandal or slide that would pop against the white like a bright green or pink.

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