Nehera RTW Fall 2022

Slovak label Nehera continued to expand its vocabulary, injecting its minimalist lineup with feminine touches in what partner Ladislav Zdut described as a shift “from utility to elegance.”

The direction was subtle but visually apparent both in the silhouettes and the textile treatments, with tailored forms softened through the use of high-end fabrics like wool and cashmere blends and adapted with unusual pattern-making techniques. One tailored jacket appeared to be worn back to front, others had button-on tabs punctuating the torso.

In line with demand from its customers, Nehera continued to broaden its wardrobe options, with pant shapes that ran the gamut from slimline and high-waisted to the generous lines it is known for. A strong outerwear proposition was lightly curved or deconstructed and layered in forms that remained sharply structured while channeling a sense of comfort. Ever the practical brand, outsized pockets worked as a design feature, for example, in detachable versions on a cozy full-length belted puffer coat in a sandy shade. Tailored wool coats featured print panels, while rainwear had quirky detachable sleeves.

To the neutral tones that are the label’s habitual backdrop, it added pops of color in shades of burnt orange. Hi prints of real flowers sprayed with paint, scanned and blurred, creating graphic yet abstract features, for example, on a crisp over-shirt with a tie-waist feature. Further prints were obscured in the warp of the fabrics.

While when conceiving the collection, Nehera’s design team had been in meditative mode, Zdut said over Zoom, but that sentiment turned to prayers as recent events unfolded in Ukraine, which shares a border with Slovakia. The brand preceded its video with a written message. “We take a moment to acknowledge the Ukraine tragedy. The delusion of a madman and a bully is turning the world upside-down, destroying the livelihoods of millions of innocent people. We stand with Ukraine and will never be silent in times of injustice.”

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