Of Course Robin Arzón’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide Includes Massage Guns and Peloton Bikes

robin arzon mother’s day gift guide

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There’s a reason why Robin Arzón has such a devoted fan base. In fact, there are many. Whether she’s leading a live class in her third trimester of pregnancy, running a marathon, or writing two New York Times bestselling books, the Peloton head instructor and VP of Fitness Programming always keeps it real. Now a new mom to baby daughter Athena, Arzón naturally has a newfound respect for Mother’s Day, not to mention her own mom. “One year into the mom game, I have such a deep appreciation for my own mother, and I’m sure it will only increase as the years go on,” she tells ELLE.com. “My family’s really tight, and as we add more members, it’s cool to witness the deepening of my relationship with my mother as well as her relationship with Athena.” Below, Arzón shares some of her gift recommendations for May 8—but, if she’s being honest, “real talk, I just want sleep and somebody to look after Athena for a few hours.” Never not shooting it straight.

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Go-To Gift

Hypervolt Go 2

“The foundation of our house is physical and mental wellness. For me, that’s not as much a bubble bath, but the 15 minutes when I get home after a training session and use the Hypervolt Go. I actually keep one in my diaper bag for those gold moments when I can sneak in a little bit of self-care.”

Make It Personal

The Coordinate Disk Necklace

The M Jewelers

“Jewelry is always nice. My husband gifted me a necklace from The M Jewelers with two gold discs: one has the coordinates of where we met, and the second is Athena’s birth date and place.”

Office Tradition

Mom Tank

One Peloton

“I got my first ‘Peloton Mom’ tank last year, and thankfully they’re reissuing it again this year. Of course, we have fun classes planned too. We’re always championing not only the moms, but all caregivers, because it’s really a tough existence some days.”

Top of Robin’s Wish List

Family Vacation

Palmaïa, The House of AïA

“I had an amazing vacation with my family at Palmaïa, which is a vegan resort in Mexico, and I’m chomping at the bit to go again.”

Robin’s Luxe Pick

Roundtrip Flight on JetBlue Mint


“But first, I have to actually book the flight and carve out the long weekend. JetBlue Mint is my fave—I just flew it to California for Coachella. They’ve got lay down beds; it’s very luxurious.”

Most Practical

C E Ferulic


“Any kind of skincare from SkinCeuticals—specifically, the C E Ferulic totally changed the texture of my skin. I didn’t really know much about vitamin C before I got pregnant, but it’s just a natural way to get rid of the gunk on your skin.”

Available on Amazon

Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame


Now 20% off

“I often buy this digital frame for folks, especially when they get engaged or have a baby—or if they’re about to experience a big life event where they’re gonna take a lot of pictures. Realistically, you’re either limited on wall space or you’re never gonna print a picture, and this makes it really easy to just upload on the app.”


Street Art New York


Now 27% off

“I love reading. A nice coffee table book that they might not buy themselves is a good gift you can usually get at a pretty reasonable cost. Street Art New York is a great one.

The Perfect Hostess Gift

Kin Euphorics: High Rhode Drink

Kin Euphorics

“Whether she’s sober or a drinker, this nonalcoholic spirit is a nice, unexpected addition to her bar cart. If you really wanna kick it up a notch, you can pair it with a nice tumbler.”

No-Fail Classic

Cropped Biker Jacket

“A dope leather jacket always makes a statement. I like wearing one over my gear, because I’m always in sweats.”

Big-Ticket Item

Bike+ Basics

One Peloton

“If I had all the inventory at my disposal, I would definitely be giving out Peloton bikes.”

Theater Buff-Approved

In the Heights: Finding Home

Random House

Now 50% off

“For fans of the musical, In the Heights: Finding Home goes behind the scenes of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s production.”

Great for Foodies

Gift Card

“Time is our most valuable currency, so creating an opportunity for them to go do something is very nice. My friend recently gave us a gift card to our favorite restaurant, PLANTA, and I used it on a date night. Even better, she offered to babysit.”

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