Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2022

Rahul Mishra had a childhood memory in mind while conjuring up his fall couture pieces. The designer was born in a small village in India, and from his house there he could see a giant banyan tree.

During the summertime, women would tie cotton threads around the tree to symbolize they were trying to protect it. In return, the idea was that the tree would guard their families, explained Mishra.

“So in a real sense, trees protect all of us,” he said. Thus, the name of his collection: “Tree of Life.” Mishra also envisaged the sun’s golden light and energy.

All of those images were channeled into the vivid looks, bursting with intricate 2D and 3D embroideries, and varied silhouettes.

The display’s openers bloomed with golden embroideries of foliage. A minidress with a flared skirt was spangled, as were the shoulders of a thigh-length, gold-colored, striped jacket-dress.

Mishra didn’t stop there. He interwove the gold theme with vivid, colorful floral embroideries. Those appeared on the likes of a V-neck dress with golden embellishment on the torso and embroideries from the waist down of small flowers, houses and rabbits.

Six looks featured eye-catching, supersized flower-motif embroideries, like the bold, yellow-orange and red-pink varieties that popped on a sheer top.

Mishra painstakingly experimented with tailoring to achieve the wide range of volumes. “There’s a lot of variety — from the skinny bodysuit to extremely exaggerated shoulders,” he said. “It’s been a fun collection to design.”

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