Sankuanz Men’s Spring 2023

This collection was called “Chapter Two: Kangrinboqê  2023,” after the sacred peak on Mount Kailash in Tibet. Kangrinboqê also was the name of Shangguan Zhe’s first collection for Sankuanz, in 2013, which contained numerous characteristics of traditional Tibetan-wear.

“We want to take a new look at what we did before and to reinterpret those elements in the way the brand is now,” said Zhe.

So he riffed on the garb’s elegant long, loose, drape-filled silhouettes to craft garments that remain staunchly modern – grounded in today’s street culture and high fashion.

One look included a wide-collared cerulean blue suit jacket and skirt, with material gathered around the waist and hanging from either side. In another, there was a short-sleeved navy wraparound shirt with matching wide trousers decorated with bone sketches.

Chapter One was fall 2022, which had a life and death theme, as well. Other carry-overs included hand-bleached, jersey and denim fabrics.

For about the past seven years, Sankuanz has been creating fashion through western lens.

“Now we are trying to maybe take a step back and take an inner look at our own roots and put it back into the brand’s core,” said Zhe. The striking fashion now springs from there.

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