Staud Resort 2023

“With resort, it crosses two seasons, so we truly treated this collection as a bridge,” Sarah Staudinger said of her latest collection. “We definitely dressed our girl up, but it’s with a sense of ease; she’s going places and ready for anything, from hitting the city pavement to hitting the sand or vacation, which is one of the most fun parts of designing this collection.”

The Staud designer said the collection was inspired by the shape of a swirl. The idea could be seen through myriad swirl motifs but there were also kitschy beaded party dresses, Western accents (especially strong in footwear), and a slight “goddess energy” in dressed-up, monochromatic gowns.

The look: A mix of playful, polished and elegant fashions.

Quote of note: “It really started with this obsessive reaction to the shape of the swirl. We were inspired by the organic movement in this ancient yet timeless shape. For us, it exudes this relaxed energy and natural elegance that lent itself to where the collection wanted to go. Where it was headed was blending this California daydream with urban sophistication.”

Key pieces: A moss green compact knit tank and pant with tiled swirl motifs; monochromatic evening dresses with sensual cutouts and sequin inserts; a one-sleeve black Zuri tunic with asymmetrical, small swirl-shaped buttons; combination pinstriped poplin and merino tops and dresses; strong denim jeans with swoosh-shaped yokes (or a skirt paired with an oversize poplin button-up with cutout swirl eyelet below the shoulder).

In accessories: small statement micro-beaded handbags; Lucite heeled sandals; sleek cowhide Western boots.

The takeaway: Although the collection had many ideas, the signature, playful Staud attitude tied it all together with wearability from head to toe for day to night.

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