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The ELLE office smells fantastic. That’s because we have a lot of strong opinions when it comes to scent—so in honor of National Fragrance day (March 21), I asked editors what fragrance they are currently gravitating toward, whether it be a signature scent or a new favorite. Read on for our picks.

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Eau de Minthe Eau de Parfum

“Out of my extensive collection of perfumes, this is still the one I reach for every single day. With mint, geranium, and patchouli notes, it reminds me of the best men’s aftershave. It’s my life’s mission to collect a bunch of minis of this fragrance so I can store one in every purse and re-apply throughout the day.” — Tatjana Freund, beauty commerce writer

Marfa Eau de Parfum
Memo Paris

“I’m fickle about fragrance and don’t have one that I love above all others. But I’m often drawn to what I call ‘naughty florals,’ a mix of traditionally popular floral notes like jasmine, rose, and orange blossom—plus something spicy or warm. My favorite at the moment: Memo Paris Marfa Eau de Parfum, a blend of tuberose and orange blossom with a dash of white musk.” — Genevieve Monsma, interim beauty director

Santa Maria Novella

“I love all things Italian and Santa Maria Novella is always my go-to. It makes me think of summers at the beach mixed with a hippy vibe.” — Alexis Wolfe, fashion market and accessories director

001 Man Eau de Toilette

“Creative Director Jonathan Anderson describes his line of 001 perfumes for Loewe to fragrances that ‘reinterpret the scent of a skin caress.’ This fragrance has been in my life since it debuted: with the most delicate combination of musk, lavender, and sandalwood, this perfume lingers all day and is alluring as it is gentle and complex.” — Kevin LeBlanc, fashion associate

Almond Coconut Soufflé Body Crème
Laura Mercier

“A friend of mine once wore this body cream and it smelled so freaking good that I felt compelled to ask what it was. She proceeded to tell me that every man she’s ever dated had the same question because ‘she smells like a cake in the best way possible.’ I rest my case.” — Claire Stern, deputy editor

Glossier You

“Sometimes finding a signature fragrance can feel like a game of chance, except for when it comes to Glossier You. This musky eau de parfum belongs to a category of fragrances known as skin scents meant to enhance your natural aroma. As a result, the fragrance has become a cult classic, perfectly mixing with each user’s skin to create a unique scent. Plus, it’s the only perfume I’ve tried that I can smell all day.” — Emily Burns, assistant beauty editor

Christian Louboutin

“My family is from Syria, so I always gravitate toward amber-forward scents. Loubiluna combines sweet fig milk with cedar and papyrus into a scent that enters it room just a second before you do. I find that so sexy and empowering—I love it when people can smell a fragrance hovering above your skin.” — Margaux Anbouba, beauty editor

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