System Men’s Spring 2023

South Korean label and creative studio System mused on connection, love and fulfillment this season in a short film titled “A Family Matter.”

Set up in chapters, it’s a mini mediation on building your own tribe, be it a nuclear unit, twin flame or a best friend of the canine kind. The film is set to the jaunty notes of Adrian Berenguer’s “Little Things.”

It’s the little things that are key to this collection, with the design team focusing on small and quirky details — frayed hems on men’s shorts, the tiniest of fringes on a denim skirt, or a piece of striped string looped through a metal link doing double duty as a bolo tie are tiny distinctions.

System expands its palette here from last season’s stark monochrome, with plaid on shirts and jackets, periwinkle bowling shirts and a striped linen suit for men. The women’s palette explodes in candy colors with a lime green pleated pant and a raspberry short set. Detail also comes into play on basics, such as a white shirt with a draw string peplum at the waist.

The collection is cozy but varied enough to keep interest. On the small screen, the protagonist brings everyone together with a big smile. Customers should find something to connect with.

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