The 10 Best Sticky Bras For A Strapless (But Supportive) Fit

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Ah, the backless dress—both the blessing and curse of closets everywhere. On one hand, such a gown is a staple. An instant confidence-booster, its sultry, skin-baring impact is so iconic the dress is a mainstay on Oscars red carpets. That said, backless frocks come with a downside: They turn selecting the right bra into a hellish puzzle. Sure, you could opt to go bra-less, but if the night turns frigid, perhaps you’d rather your nipples not draw attention away from—well, the dress you’re trying to show off. In that case, you’re gonna need some sort of sticky bra.

Don’t panic. These oft-ridiculed adhesive contraptions have earned a few upgrades over the years, making them much sturdier, supportive and comfortable than the pasties of yesteryear. If a simple strapless bra won’t cut it, opt for one of these backless, adhesive bras to hold everything in place.

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Best Overall

Seamless Bra Cups

Although it comes with the price tag of a regular bra, the NuBra is one of the most beloved adhesive bra options on the market. It’s lightweight, washable, reusable, and sweat-resistant, meaning you needn’t worry about slippage if you’re having a good time on the dance floor.

Best Affordable Option

Adhesive Reusable Strapless Bra

If you’re looking for a much cheaper dupe for the NuBra, this option from Wingslove features a similar design.

Best For Large Busts

Sticky Invisible Push-up Silicone Bra

A good sticky bra is undeniably trickier to find if you have a larger chest, and no adhesive solution will replace the support of a real bra. But this Niidor option is your best bet. Its sizes go up to F, and one reviewer says it “holds [boobs] up like a champ.”

Best For Small Busts

Superlite Adhesive Strapless Backless Bra

Fashion Forms

If you have a smaller bra size and like a barely-there feel, this pick from Fashion Forms is a favorite on Reddit and TikTok for its great price and gentle fit.

Best DIY

Classic Cut Boob Tape Kit

Good Lines

If you’re ready to break up with a traditional sticky bra, it’s time to move on to this beloved boob tape. The one-time-use tape is sweat-proof and waterproof, plus it can be shaped to any style of clothing, giving you as much (or as little) lift as you’d like.

Best Adjustable

The Original Push-Up Black

Sneaky Vaunt

If you like to show off the assets you were blessed with, you can adjust your cleavage with this lace-up sticky bra. Just apply each cup to your nipples, then tie tighter or looser depending on the look you prefer. It’s like a corset for your boobs!

Best For Lift

Adhesive Invisible Lift Lace-up Bra

For slightly less dramatic cleavage but a supportive lift, we recommend this affordable option on Amazon.

Best For Low-Cut Tops

Stick-On Bandeau Plunge Bra


An essential for plunging v-necks.

Best Nipple Covers

Adhesive Silicone Pasties with Travel Box

You can always stick with a tried-and-true pastie if you want nipple coverage with the flexibility of going bra-less.

Best Non-Adhesive Alternative

Scoop Neck Bramisuit

Klassy Network

So we know this isn’t technically a sticky bra, but hear us out: If you hate the idea of taping silicone to your skin, or if your skin is sensitive to adhesives, the Klassy Network bramis are a game changer. The tops come with built-in bra cups in a variety of sizes, meaning you don’t even have to think about picking a bra when you get dressed in the morning. Genius.

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