The 14 Best Foundation Brushes I’ve Ever Tried

What do you look for in a foundation brush?

“When I reach for a foundation brush, I always gravitate toward something that has denser bristles and is small to medium in size,” says Tricome. “I like working with a denser brush because it really helps push the product into the skin and blend everything. It is also great for focusing more product on areas of the skin that need more coverage. You can use a denser brush with any foundation formula but it works especially well with products like foundation sticks.”

Does the size of the brush impact the makeup look?

“I like working with small to medium size brushes because you are able to get a more precise application,” says Tricome. “I find when you are using larger brushes you can’t reach the smaller areas of the face as well and you end up getting foundation in your hairline or brows, or have to go back in with more product for those areas that didn’t cover as well. The smaller size brush also allows you to focus product on areas that need it, which also results in a more natural and flawless skin look.”

Do different shapes and styles of foundation brushes achieve different looks?

“Different styles of brushes can absolutely achieve different results,” says Tricome. “For example, a duo fiber foundation brush can provide a more lightweight coverage since there are different lengths of bristles spread further apart. Using any brush that has a lighter density will result in a lighter application.”

“In terms of the shape of the brush, I think that mostly affects how easy it is to apply products to the entire face. Smaller brushes make it easier to apply product around the nose, mouth, and eyes. Some brushes are designed to have more of a curved shape that follows the natural contours of the face to help with your sculpting and blush products.”

How do you like to use foundation brushes?

“I can use a foundation brush for the whole entire complexion. I use [a foundation] brush to apply foundation, cream bronzer, cream blush, and cream highlight. It is the perfect shape and density to blend and apply all those types of liquid and cream products.”

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