The ELLE Editors’ Guide to Father’s Day Shopping

a selection of fathers day gifts


Heads up: This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19. If you just did a double-take checking your calendar, yes, that’s correct­­—it’s less than a week away. Before the “I didn’t even realize it was June!” panic sets in, take a breather. There’s still time to mail a card, make a lunch reservation, and most importantly, buy a gift.

Dads (or non-dad father figures) are something of an anomaly. In many ways, they’re universally the same—bad jokes, Merrell shoes, compulsively vacuuming the carpet—but then there are ways that he is entirely unique. For his own quirky reasons, your dad (or non-dad) might be tricky to shop for, and the older you get, the more you want to get it right. We at ELLE can relate.

In hopes of being a resource, we’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of goodies we think our dads will appreciate. In turn, maybe you’ll find something that speaks to your own dad or non-dad’s tastes. Below, find some of our best recommendations for your best guy this Father’s Day. And don’t forget to give him a big hug—it’s what he really wants anyway.

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Ryman Shirt

“My dad isn’t a huge fashion guy, so I like to take Father’s Day as an invitation to swap his Costco shirts for upgraded versions. Standard & Strange has some of the most elevated, well-crafted men’s essentials. Plus, its storefront in Soho is so beautiful, I can pick out the clothes while he obsesses over the well-made interior.”—Tatjana Freund, Beauty Commerce Writer

Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar
Avid Reader Press

“When the wild descriptions of Alan Shipnuck’s Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar were enough to make me pick it up, there was no question about what my golf-loving father would be receiving this year.”—Adrienne Gaffney, Contributor

August in Augusta 4-Piece Set
Valentino Dixon

“Nothing could top last year’s gift, though. While wrongfully incarcerated for murder, Valentino Dixon began an art career focused on golf when he created a picture of the 12th hole of Augusta National Golf Course. Dixon, who was exonerated in 2018, has become a celebrity in the golf world, meeting Tiger Woods and selling a drawing to Michelle Obama. My father loves his Augusta drawing, but the story behind it means even more to him.”—Adrienne Gaffney, Contributor

2-in-1 Smokeless Indoor Ceramic Nonstick Grill & Griddle

“I gave this 2-in-1 indoor grill-griddle to my husband for Christmas, since we don’t have an outdoor space and, thus, no grill. Although he’s not yet a dad, he cooks like one; inevitably, when holidays come around, what he wants is some sort of kitchen tool. But nothing—nothing—I’ve bought him has won him over quite like this nifty device. He uses it two to three times a week, for every type of meal: stir fry, pancakes, eggs, barbecue, flatbreads, grilled veggies…everything turns out juicy and delicious. This is absolutely one of those gifts that’s mutually beneficial for giver and recipient. Plus, it’s easy to clean and store. I wish I would’ve bought one years ago.”—Lauren Puckett-Pope, Associate Editor

Guy Fieri Helluva Guy Greeting Card
Friends NYC

“My dad makes it virtually impossible to shop for him. It is, in my opinion, his most (only) villainous trait. However, like all dads, he loves corny jokes. Lucky for me, making him laugh is a gift that brightens both of our days. This year, I’m looking to Friends NYC’s selection of playful, pop culture-centric cards to do the trick. This Guy Fieri one is perfect for anyone who might be celebrating a non-father figure, because it doesn’t use any dad-specific language. If you are shopping for your pops, the shop has plenty of options for you, too, like this super sweet Alex Trebek one.”—Meg Donohue, Associate Fashion Commerce Editor


“On the contrary, my dad is pretty much the easiest person to gift because he never buys anything for himself, especially nice clothing. Like many suburban dads, he has a penchant for polo shirts.”—Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

5” Montauk Swim Short in Mystic Aqua
Todd Snyder

“I’m also eyeing a bathing suit from Todd Snyder because summer is coming and I just know he could use a new one. (This is a man who still wears the first tuxedo he ever bought.)”—Claire Stern, Digital Deputy Editor

Haltane Eau de Parfum Spray
Parfums de Marly

“My father is solely responsible for my excessive perfume collection. Every morning when I was a youngster, before I smelled the toasty aroma of my mother’s coffee brewing downstairs in the kitchen or her making ackee and saltfish (my favorite Jamaican food), my father’s rich, intoxicating cologne of the day passed through my room on his way to work. When a perfume lingers for a long time, it’s known as sillage, and it’s the single most significant factor I look for these days when purchasing fragrances. As his main beauty girl, I’m constantly purchasing new scents for my father to add to his collection. Parfums de Marly’s Haltane ticks all the boxes.”—Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor

Dandy, Arancio Tramonto, Velluto
Piedaterre Venezia

“First crafted in the Italian region of Friuli and later adopted in Venice, the iconic ‘Friulane’ slipper is the perfect indoor-outdoor shoe for a dad who appreciates comfort and quality. The shoes are all hand-stitched in Italy, and so soft. Like a cloud for your feet!”—Rose Minutaglio, Staff Writer

Leret Leret

“What’s more perfect for dad than a sweater? Leret Leret is known for its perfect cashmere sweater that is meant to be ‘treasured and passed down through generations.’ Who knows, maybe you’ll even get this one back years later as pops passes it down.”—Samuel Maude, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Jacques Marie Mage

“My dad is always stealing my sunglasses, so I’m getting him this pair to ensure that he never does again. The quality of these will make sure he’s set for the next decade (or until he likes mine better!)”—Kevin LeBlanc, Fashion Associate

Re-Nylon and Leather Backpack

“If you’re looking to spoil your dad with a stylish upgrade, might I suggest this Prada sling bag? It’s the perfect companion to house his necessities and keep his pockets clear. Plus, it’s sustainable and will make him look like he has a way better sense of fashion than he really does. Thanks to you, of course. Now if only I could get my father to take my style advice…”—Meg Donohue, Associate Fashion Commerce Editor

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