These Viral Hot Rollers Are On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

The ’90s are back, baby. We have teeny tiny purses, over-the-ear headphones, sneakers we stole from grandpa, and, of course, big voluminous blowouts. Sure, you could grab a round brush and a blow-dryer and spend an hour adding volume to your roots and curls to your ends. But why bother, when hot rollers are available?

Nano Titanium Hot Rollers



$52.99 (18% off)

And not just available. The most-coveted, bestselling, and top-rated (no brag) hot rollers from BaByliss are on sale now for Amazon Prime Day. This set contains 12 rollers and 12 clips to keep them in place while you work. It might look intimidating, but don’t fret, rollers are actually very easy to use. It works exactly how you think: the base of this set gets hot, which heats up the titanium rollers. Simply twist your hair around each roller, pin it into place, and when they cool down, unfurl your masterpiece.

The best part of using rollers instead of a curling iron is that not only do they add a ton of volume at the root, but they also don’t cause as much heat damage, since the rollers start cooling down the moment you take them out of the warming base. Also, there’s something chic about walking around with rollers in your hair, like you’re a 1950s housewife, except you’re using professionally-created tools instead of soda cans, or whatever they used in the day.

These rollers sell out quickly, and Amazon has put them on mega-sale, which means you better act quickly if you want to try these out. Amazon Prime Day sales end on July 13th and this shopping event only comes around once a year, so now’s the time to get to buying.

For more hair tools to help you achieve that viral ’90s blowout, shop more deals here:

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