This Toner Saved Maude Apatow’s Skin While Filming ‘Euphoria’— And It’s On Sale

In a quest to fill the Lexi Howardsized hole in my heart since Euphoria’s season two finale, I’ve gone down a Maude Apatow rabbit hole. Recently to Vogue, the 24-year-old actress shared the skincare products that helped prevent breakouts while on the set of the hit HBO show. One of those is none other than OBAGI Medical’s Nu-Derm Face Toner, which is currently on sale on Amazon.

The ELLE-approved toner boasts a handful of gentle but powerful ingredients like soothing witch hazel to hydrating aloe vera, making it ideal for all skin types and safe enough to use twice a day. Besides the promise of cleansing the skin, it also helps restore the skin’s pH balance and decrease inflammation which was crucial for Apatow as she started to wear more makeup while filming season two of Euphoria.

Nu-Derm Face Toner

Obagi Medical


“I didn’t really use to do anything with my skin; [it] was just kind of good—I got lucky,” Apatow admitted to Vogue. “Then, when I started working and wearing more makeup, [breakouts] got a lot worse, so I needed to come up with a routine; this one I’ve used all through shooting Euphoria and it’s all worked—except this last week when I broke out,” she explained.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of toner, know it’s a liquid you put on your face after cleansing and before you apply your serum. Usually applied with a cotton ball, toners can do a variety of things like hydrate, exfoliate, or treat your skin needs at the moment. It’s also like the windshield wiper of skincare products, as it sweeps away any remaining dirt or makeup from the day.

Usually priced at $43, the best-selling toner is available right now for 30 percent off thanks to Amazon’s Deal of the Day. A celeb-loved skincare product for only $30.10? I’m in. And if you’re looking to incorporate more of Apatow’s skincare routine into your own, shop her other favorites below.

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