Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2023

It’s been 20 years since Woo Young Mi launched her label in Paris, and she was in a reflective mood. For this collection, the South Korean designer channeled Y2K and all of the optimism, color, and off-kilter proportions of the period.

In her liner notes, she said she was inspired by “a teenage approach to dressing: a wardrobe collaged from parental hand-me-downs, vintage store finds, and piggy bank blowouts.”

The show was filled with a mix of roomy tailoring, oversized proportions, and pops of bright color in the form of a clay blue baseball jacket, mauve cargo shorts, and a green crop top.

Tailoring was generous and made for extra-indulgent lunches and dinners: pleat-front trousers had wide legs and long hems that pooled around the sole of the foot. They were paired with jackets with wide shoulders or long coats.

Denim jeans and shorts were full-bodied and ready-made for the skateboarding life, while some were paired with tight, transparent shirts or sparkly belts, classic Y2K signifiers. Jewelry, too, was of the era, with lots of shiny crystal necklaces, bracelets, and belly chains.

It was fun, and a reminder of how quickly shapes and proportions can change and evolve over time. To some, 20 years seems like just a moment ago.

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