Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2023

Showing his latest collection in a video format only, Yoshio Kubo went with a colorful mix of sheer fabrics for spring. He layered mesh in bright aqua and purple or red and orange, playing with how the colors interacted with one another and made new tones when combined. Many of his textiles were extremely light and yet had enough structure that they appeared to float around the models in a kind of full-body halo.

Kubo also made ample use of volume in his creations, showing bomber jackets with sleeves that grazed his models’ shins or were bunched up to puff out to the side. There was an animalistic element as well: a sheer, crinkled blue piece that covered the full body from head to toe was revealed to have a head complete with tongue and jagged teeth when viewed from the side. In another instance, a purple dress-like item had “wings” that splayed out from the chest and shoulders.

Some of the Japanese designer’s more wearable pieces included leggings with sheer panels, color-blocked windbreakers, wide-legged shorts and draping coats and ponchos, which grounded the sometimes fantastical collection.

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